Next Lux Girl is finally revealed

Katrina is the new Lux girl

Next Lux Girl is finally revealed and its non other than the gorgeous kat. Katrina Kaif endorses Satin Soft Skin, presenting the new LUX with beauty oils.

The New Lux with Beauty Oils is a new gift from Lux to its consumers. This is guaranteed as the Best Ever Lux that has been manufactured. This product has scientifically established superiority over all the other brands available in the market for delivering satin soft skin. The new ingredient, Beauty Oils, is actually fragranced moisturising oils.

Oils have been used to clean the skin and remove deep-seated impurities from it. They also help retain the elasticity of the skin and help prevent wrinkles and fine line appearing. Whether skin is oily or dry, these Oils will help make skin young, soft and healthy from within. The oils will form a protective layer on your skin to lock in the moisture and give the skin a natural glow and radiance.

Watch the Lux Ad here.

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