The art of classic beauty

The art of classic beauty

So, what exactly is the art of classic beauty?

The art of classic beautyAim for quality over quantity

Buy only what you love and do more with less. Good quality is not an extravagance; it lasts for a long time and may end up being cheaper because you get more use from each item. This also allows you to become more creative in order to work with what you have. Of course, many women dream of wearing a new outfit every day of the year, but keep in mind that being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean being elegant.

Dress according to your size and age

Women come in different shapes and sizes, and thank goodness clothes (and under garments!) do too. Avoid wearing attire for a woman who is half your size or half your age. Find underwear and clothing that accentuates the female form and is delicate and feminine by design. Solid colours or simple prints, and silk, chiffon or lace will always remain in style. At the same time, wear clothes that express your individuality.

Subtle vs flashy

The most important thing to remember is that classic beauty is not loud or show-stealing. It is admirable and speaks for itself. In addition to excess fabrics or prints, steer clear of obnoxious accessories. Having trouble deciding? Stick to gold, silver and pearls because regardless of what look you want to pull off, you can never go wrong with them. In general, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. As far as handbags go, the clutch is a classic piece that is always appropriate. Large handbags are only necessary if you’re going to the beach or on a picnic.

Play with your best features

Classic makeup is all about understatement by design. Makeup can enhance a person’s face, but too much of it will only steal away your capacity to look elegant. Go light on the makeup, regardless of what colours and hues work best for your skin. Choose one or two features on your face that you want to highlight. Eyelashes, cheekbones, or lips are all good options when you’re trying to achieve the classic beauty look. Go subtle, not as a fashion statement, but simply because true beauty cannot be hidden underneath layers and layers of makeup.


Develop your own customised grooming regime and be disciplined about it! Wear moisturiser and sunscreen, apply lip balm to protect your lips from drying out and let your nails go naked. Use tweezers sparingly, look after your feet, wear clean clothes, and always smell fresh.

Be an individual

Often we forget that beauty itself is two-pronged, and we only strive for perfection in appearance. Don’t be someone who hasn’t learned anything new in the last ten years. Exercise the mind and ask questions. Have interests, talents, and abilities. Volunteer, take classes, read, and learn. And while you strive to better yourself, have a sense of humility about your achievements.

Be confident, not overconfident

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