Noor’s adieu to films

Well, well, well! Noor has decided to quit movies for good and restrict herself to only television.

Quite a surprise move considering that the gal has been active in the bright lights and dark alleys of Lollywood for simply ages – having started off as a successful child artiste and then graduating to adult roles of a heroine – though not really acquiring the stardom of her peers like Reema, Meera, Sana etc.

despite the initial flash that she displayed in her first few outings as a leading lady. Anyway, it seems the episode of her falling out with her parents has really affected the lass in a big way and it would seem she wants to shut her past of which the filmdom was a big part.

Hence the decision to bid adieu to the silver screen and limit herself to only doing select projects on the idiot box. Hmm! Let’s see what this new decision has in store for her.

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