Pakistan Fashion 2011

Pakistani people adobe choose fashion style

Pakistan  Fashion 2011

Fashion is the product of modern age; it varies from region to region and from race to race. Before 19th century, people were bound to wear handmade clothes, they have to opt from dressmakers or from home production, but with the passage of time as soon as technology introduced in the society in 20th century, sewing machines took over handmade productions and thus give rise to factory system in clothes manufacture.

This new trend was implemented by launching various retail outlets throughout the globe with simple standardization of size and price. Fashion was originated from Europe and America but spread throughout the planet in less span of time, thanks to media and World Wide Web which made our planet, the global village. Fashion is a globalized industry, clothes manufactured and trends are generated in one country but followed in other country.

The term fashion took over our society by storm, at present every person on the face of planet is fashion conscious, for some it is followed as a religion, for some it is the food of life and for others it is their way to meet their both ends. In my part of world, Pakistani people are quite choosy about their fashion style; they look for the latest trends and design their clothes in their own way to compete with each other in the race of looking more charming and attractive than other.
Our dress sense depicts our personality and how you dress up yourself? , how you carry the dress? , that’s the first and foremost most important thing in choosing the appropriate fashion trend. Being a fashion conscious is not the crime but following blindly irrespective of thinking whether it will suit you or not, is the alarming situation for your clothes selection process.

Now e days in Pakistan, long shirts are in trend for female wardrobe. Latest fashion which is practiced quite a lot between college and university girls is kaftan, which is the product of year 2010, is really doing an enormous business for fashion designer. A line shirt is common these days, so is the front open kameez, as winter is at its full bloom, so combo of both lose and even fitted dresses are in practice these days.

When it comes to men, offices going male species are looking for straight cotton made trousers, plain shirts with stiff collar. University going boys likes to wear regular jeans with cuts on the back pocket and plain from front. But different designers have manufactured latest trended jackets with zip at front and straight collar with leather touch over it.

Fashion is not about to follow others dress sense, it’s actually how you decorate yourself to look more attractive and distinctive from others.

It’s just not to go for designer wear always or to buy some expensive clothes only, sometimes you came up with quite a catchy stuff in just couple of bucks instead of spending your whole month pocket money, so do it in a positive spirit to look more attention grabbing and attractive.

Fashion is a globalized industry, Fashion trends are generated in one country but followed in other country. fashion blog play a big role in this one.

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