Is Passive Smoking The Leads to Cancer

Passive Smoking Leads to Cancer?

Is Passive Smoking The Leads to CancerAccording to Agency for analysis for cancer, the secondhand smoking or passive smoking is one in every of the worst killer diseases within the world.

Passive smoking

Passive smoking or secondhand smoking is one in every of worst known human carcinogen, cancer-causing agent as per the agency for analysis on cancer. There are a minimum of seven thousand toxic chemicals in secondhand smoking, out of those seven thousand and should be to a small degree a lot of, there are quite seventy, which can cause cancer.

the children exposed to passive smoking are at on a lot of risk for sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, ear drawback, bronchitis and a lot of severe asthma.

Exposure of adults to passive smoking causes cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

Non-smokers who are, exposed to secondhand smoking at home or at work, in public parks, transports and wherever they’re facing this abuse increase their risk of developing heart diseases and lung cancer by twenty to thirty five a much more than the those that don’t face this stuff.

This is happening in most places of third world where the smoking in public places may be a punishable crime and folks are violating the rule brazenly.

Therefore, smoking in public place must be, stopped immediately and the one found smoking must be stripped of his citizenship as he is committing a heinous crime. There is no safe level of smoking of secondhand smoking. Free air is our right to smoke.


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