Party Makeup for You

Party Makeup for YouDo you have a party coming up soon and you worry about your makeup? Have you ever found yourself not feel ok at parties because your make-up was not looking as great as you wanted?

Please do not read my tips. I am a professional makeup artist and based on my personal research, there are 13 common mistakes that girl to make a rule, if the application of its party makeup. You will definitely know what to do and what not to do!

1st The first error that starts before you even apply the makeup. It is very important that you take enough time for your party makeup. If you are not concentrating you are making mistakes. It happened to me when I lose concentration, and everything in a hurry, I make many mistakes.

2nd The second thing. Most girls do not know that washing your face with cold water is very important. Doing that, you increase blood circulation in the skin, which makes it ready for your moisturizing lotion on your skin. You want your skin soft and ready to make up for the party!

3rd Do not rush into the foundation after application of the lotion. Party makeup is done differently. First, take a look at your face. Find the skin problems that need correction, such as acne, pimples, dark spots, dark circles under the eyes and so on. Now is the time, green concealer directly to problematic parts of your skin. If you do not have a green concealer to skip this section and continue with the application of foundation. However, you will use normal apply concealer after foundation. Caution: see how much of the green concealer you apply, you do not want too much material on your face. It is noticeable, especially on the photos!

4th Next big mistake happens when girls chose the color of their founding. For a party make-up it is very important that it is the foundation that is lighter than your skin decidedTone. This is so because the club light, especially the ultra-violet. If you look darker than your skin tone foundation, under the ultraviolet light wear your face is very dark. This is not something you want to experience.

5th Now the foundation application error! If you apply the green concealer before we were talking about, have, contact your foundation with caution. You do not want to use the left and right movements, because you ruin the concealer placement. I always use wet sponge to apply foundation. If you are to use it, simply apply the foundation on the sponge and press it on the spot you want to apply. Make a very small movement to either the left or right. Repeat this process until you apply it to the whole face. This is very time consuming, but it’s the way the principles should be applied. Especially for the party make-up.


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