Showcase 2012 Day 3

Showcase 2012 Day 3

Day three of the Showcase 2012 remained a combination of extreme highs and disappointing lows. While designers like Ishtiaq Afzal Khan and Bibi Russell left audiences wanting more, others left a bad taste.

Showcase 2012 Day 3
Kuki concepts

Designer Zahid Khan of the design house Kuki Concept paid a glowing tribute to poet Maulana Rumi. The collection was in deep browns in chiffon and georgettes with chooridaar pyjamas with Turkish embroidery on some of the shawls

Trends to remember: Whirling dervishes wearing long fez hats as well as chooridars, accessorised with chunky necklaces

The feel: A Turkish delight complete with resonance of another era

The look: Rumi on the ramp

Bibi Russell

With her funky, colourful and highly wearable collection, Russell brought Bangladeshi fashion to the Pakistani runways. The model-turned-designer showcased what tourist handicraft stores are known for; indigenous beachwear clothing. Primarily fascinated by rickshaw art, she creatively used handwoven fabric in shades of yellow, orange and green.

Trends to remember: Bangladeshi cuts and style paired with funky accessories

The feel: Perfect for a day in the sun

The look: Touristy and festive

Warda Saleem

Saleem’s collection was an ode to a sparrow known as jhirki. Inspired by the bird’s colours, the collection was entirely in shades of white, brown and beige which was similar to Umar Sayeed’s Sadequain collection. Even though the show started off with a powerful video, the collection wasn’t strong in terms of its cuts or styling

Trends to remember: Pants with gold and black polka dots and embroidered bird motifs

The feel: Urban savvy

The look: For the independent woman

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan

Khan’s immaculately constructed, coherent and highly covetable collection ‘Patchalicious’ was inspired by traditional patchwork. Khan really understands how to use fabric in his designs. Additionally, his natural ability to create pret, for modern women, made this collection the crowning glory of the evening

Trends to remember: Patchwork done in a contemporary colour blocking manner

The feel: Western-cut outfits styled using Pakistani techniques

The look: Traditional meets classy

Ayesha Khurram

This was one of the most confusing odes to different personalities: Marilyn Monroe and Faiz Ahmad Faiz with some designs embossed with Monroes’ face, while others had Faiz’s poetry printed on them

Trends to remember: Shimmery sequined pants

The feel: Monroe meets Faiz

The look: Lost in translation


Zarmina Khan

Khan’s ‘Scent of a Woman’ collection was an ode to love and serenity. Appearing on the runway were flowing chiffons in soft colours combined with models adorning real flowers in their hair, giving a romantic feel to the collection

Trends to remember: Net chooridar pyjamas

The feel: Subtle yet romantic appeal

The look: A woman in love

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