Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women

Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women

Personal Grooming Tips for Business WomenA women’s personal appearance need to support her professional accomplishments. Dressing for success includes more than just choosing the right outfit. It includes consideration of little bit of accessories accompanied with personal grooming.

A working women’s attire should reflect her confidence, her reliability and her professional skills to carry out the deal and should give an impressive look to the clients and the customers.

Some of few important tips for business women are:

• Avoid wearing perfumes and heavily-scented products in all business settings. Always wear a mild body spray which will give a pleasant feeling to others.

• Women often use their hands to talk with. So, their hands become a focal point. It is important to have their hands and fingernails neatly trimmed cleaned. Avoid wearing unusual and shocking nail colors.

• Also avoid nail arts and nail jewels in business meetings.

• Hair style should be neat and conservative and preferably off the face.

• Hair colors, if any, should not be shocking and unusual.

• Hair sprays and gels with strong scent and colors should be avoided.

• Face makeup should be simple and appropriate during the day time. Wearing no makeup at all will have the same negative effect as wearing too much makeup.

• Business women should wear appropriate jewelry. Jewelry should not be noisy or too large. Ear rings should be small, simple and above the ear lobe. It’s better to avoid jewelry as far as possible. But all business women should wear a nice, conservative watch, which gives a professional look to the whole personality.

Paying attention to your personal appearance reflects the message to the clients and your colleagues that you will also pay attention to your professional works and assignments.


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