Remove Waterproof Mascara

Remove Waterproof Mascara

Remove Waterproof MascaraThe drooling of those eyes highlighted and beautified through mascaras can make any man fall over them. However, while many love to decorate and beautify their eyes through mascaras, very few actually know the way to remove waterproof mascaras.

This problem can be solved by following some simple methods which would thus ensure that you have the freedom to look gorgeous with those beautified eyes of yours.

Cosmetic companies have come out with waterproof mascaras catered specifically for rainy seasons. This has come as a great boon to provide an everlasting enhancement of one’s beauty which need not depend on changing seasons.

Mascaras help in adding length and volume to one’s eyelashes to provide a gorgeous look.

Many people live in the wrong impression that waterproof mascaras can harm one’s eyes. However, that’s not true and these days’ waterproof mascaras are available with SPF effects and protection. Since waterproof mascaras cannot be removed by simple washing of the face, they require some extra care and attention for the removal.

To remove waterproof mascara, one should use olive oil in place of the general perception of using baby oil. This is because baby oil can lead to eye damage in some people.

Thus, the best way for removal is by the use of olive oil and cotton pad. One should dab some oil on a clean and hygienic cotton ball before placing it on one’s eyelashes. After keeping it for about 30 seconds, one should wipe the lashes clean. The oil helps in the breaking up of the makeup thereby enabling its easy removal.

Moreover, the area can be re-cleaned with one’s daily cleanser. One should be soft and delicate in one’s approach and should not the rub the eyelashes as it can damage the tender area around one’s eyes.

Following this simple and effective way of removing waterproof mascara, one can enjoy the benefits of flaunting and flirting with one’s enhanced eyelashes.


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