Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Makeup For Hazel EyesEyeliner

Begin with your eyeliner. Eyeliners are basically used to add definition to your upper eye lids and the under eye. For hazel eyes, most women tend to use either black eyeliners or brown eyeliners. However, if you are looking for an edgy look, you can opt for a purple shade or a shade that resembles the color of an eggplant.

This is what will help you stand out in a crowd. Apart from using the colored eyeliner, you can feel free to also use a white eyeliner. This can help brighten up your eyes almost within seconds and even help you bring the retro look back into fashion.

Nevertheless, make it a point to not use a white eyeliner with a black, blue or purple eyeliner. When you use a white eyeliner, it has got to be the only eyeliner you use on your eyes.

Eye Shadow

When you are talking about eye shadows and you are talking about hazel eyes, green really is the best way to go. The color green can help your eyes look more vibrant and a lot more alive. In any case, hazel eyes come pretty close to the color green and using a green eye shadow is really not the worst thing to do.

Nonetheless, if you are not too sure about the color green to serve the purpose of an eye shadow, you can feel free to play it safe with varying shades of brown.

Make it a point, however, to not go overboard with the eye shadow, because even too much of a good thing can be bad! For best results with your eye shadow, you can use a light tone of brown or less of a darker tone of brown.


The advantage with using lipstick is that you can highlight your eyes without even using an eye shadow or an eye liner. Yes, lipstick really can have that effect on your overall look. Nevertheless, whether you choose to wear eye makeup or not doesn’t really matter here.

What matters here is that you use the right shade of lipstick. You can do this by looking for a lip color or lip gloss that has in it a certain amount of sparkle or shimmer. You may want to consider frosty hues without really bothering about how trendy or they are.

Universally speaking, some of the best shades that compliment hazel eyes are mauve, berry, gold and poppy. Here too, you will have play it safe by being very subtle with your lipstick. You can feel free to use light shades or dark shades. But no matter what the case, ensure you go easy on the amount of lipstick you use. Remember, with makeup, less is always more!


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