Repairing damaged hair-Tips from Sunsilk hair Expert

Repairing damaged hair-Tips from Sunsilk hair Expert

Repairing damaged hair-Tips from Sunsilk hair Expert

1. First, check if you have any damage by pulling out a single strand of hair and submerging it into a glass of water. If it floats, your hair is healthy; if it sinks, you are in need of some repair – seek advice

2. When drying your hair, gently squeeze out excess water with a towel – don’t rub hair vigorously – and be extra careful when combing it out as hair is weakest when it is wet

3.Use a treatment for dry/damaged hair once a week. Try my Damage Reconstruction Program to restore your damaged tresses

4. Eat a balanced diet including multivitamins and proteins to encourage hair growth. Take time when brushing your hair and be careful when using hair accessories (e.g. avoid rubber bands and headbands – these can exacerbate damage)

5. Drink at least two liters of water a day to re-hydrate your body including your hair

6. If you want an alternative treatment, apply a small amount of olive oil onto your hair and let it soak in for an hour. Wash and dry your hair as normal.

By Thomas Taw

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  1. my hair r totally damaged pls tell me how to give sum tip for my hair
    they r dry,full of dandruff,split ends,so light weighted

  2. my hairs r very thin n totally dry n damage n their is no growth of hair n i wnt thik n long hair pls give sum advice.

  3. I have hairfall problem and my hair is having a little dandruff could you please advice me what precautions should i take?

  4. My hair is falling nd i have split ends nd dry hair how can i prevent it ? Give me some tips to take care of my hair

  5. my hair is not growing and somewhat spilts… and there is no dandruff just i have ungroth hair and its heridity is there any solution? i use clinicplus shampoo and parachut oil

  6. my hair r jst too mch freezy n dry n evn i hv to go long distance in sun wich iz leadin my hair 2 get mor dry n freezy wad shuld i do…??my hair evn hv split ends n dandruff n my growth is toooo less i hv my hair till shoulders

  7. Hi, my hair is so damage and dry i have lots of hair fall i use sunsilk yellow but result is not well plz suggest me what can i do or a use on my hair

  8. Hi……my hair is completely damaged,i hv dandruff,splits n der is no hair growth n lot of hair fall also,i dont understand which shampoo to use….can u plz suggest me which shampoo cn help me to solve dis prblms……

  9. i have split ends problem with my hair. it would be rather more correct if i mention them as a barnch of tree with many side branches. It sometimes extend to ten branches in one strand. Also a few centimeters above from the end a bulb like white knot appears and the hair easily breaks from that point. Any solution please.

  10. hi m 17 years old and i have hairfall problem i usually apply oil 1 hour before washing my hair and at ni8 i do not tie my hairs and sleep, could u plz suggest me something 4 my hairfall m very much worried about it .

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