Sadia’s wear shop endeavours

It was chaos at the lower level of the Dolmen Mall where people were anticipating the opening of a designer wear shop. What made the event exclusive, was the fact that it was the opening of a renowned television actress Sadia Imam’s shop and not just another designer wear shop.

The invitation stated the time of the opening but as a fashionable custom, even after an hour, people were waiting outside. To heighten the excitement, the facade of the shop was covered and the guests were eagerly waiting to see what was in store. This wait for a couple of hours seemed to be bearable, as everybody was busy chatting away .

The happening environs of the mall also helped people adjust themselves and most of them seemed to be enjoying it.

Mainly stars from the television industry and various models, directors, producers and press were present at the venue. It felt like the shooting of a mega serial that accommodates every actor in it. And the ‘shooting’ stayed haywire till the announcement of the arrival of the chief guest was made.

Cameramen from various television channels were also present to cover the event and actors were busy giving comments every now and then. Maheen Khan, one of the pioneer fashion designers was the chief guest at the inauguration ceremony and quite rightly so.The opening of Sadia’s outlet is yet another entry in the list of celebrities who have opened their own businesses in the fashion field. “It’s better to operate business once you are so well known, people sort of trust you for a lot of things. At the end of the day we are public property,” said Sadia Imam. Close friends gathered at the ribbon cutting ceremony and people were allowed inside the shop after a good wait for hours. But the shop was too small for the multitude of guests and they literally had to take turns to browse through the shop.

Sadia Imam was busy briefing people about her lines and giving away other minor details. Also present at the occasion, Humayun Saeed, another familiar name, gave his views about Sadia’s venture. “It’s a business. I wasn’t expecting Sadia to open her brand wear shop so early. I felt it was a sudden decision, but I think that it’s a good thing. It happens all over the world that people/celebrities venture into branding and there’s no harm in it,” he said.” I am happy the way things have worked out. People have nice things to say about the venture and we got good reviews about the collection as well,” said a jubilant Sadia. Despite the call for

high tea the shop was congested with guests and more and more people kept on thronging in to get a glimpse of Sadia’s clothes.The evening gave birth to another designer wear shop with the added attraction of a celebrity’s name engraved on the label.Sadia’s shop is located at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi.

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