to become a popular fashion designer

Do you wish to be a popular fashion designer?

If yes, then consider a few things. Sound educational background; exposure; working experience, effective marketing, cost, unique style and availability.

to become a popular fashion designerHow to become popular?

In fashion industry, the competition is huge. A designer has to work tirelessly to make a place in such a large group.

Type of Designs

First and foremost thing is to create dresses that are really appealing, interesting, unique and trendy, that people look gorgeous in. Take a survey and observe what established designers are doing regarding motives and clothes style.

Color Schemes

One of the main factors that can make you accepted or disapproved is nice color schemes. Try to play with different hues. Two highly popular designers have now left the idea of standard contrast that is in market for many years. What they do now is, by combining two color groups together or adding a new different shade in the previous color scheme in a pleasantly attractive pattern, they create a new scheme.

Cost and availability

Don’t ever expect a large number of buyers, if the prices offered by you are out of the affordability level of middle class. A designer in Lahore offers a dress in 18,000 that elsewhere could have been bought in 5 or 6,000. Do not try to befool the consumers with these plundering tricks, it will go futile. If your dresses are available in Karachi only, how would you cater to those in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, or other cities? Spread a chain of outlets everywhere.

Target Marketing

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  1. hi,im a dress designer i hv no dgree of this work i hv GOD gifted creatve mind so i can make lots of designs my dresses are stylish and low price 2000-5000 i can make a good dress in any bjut i wana export also bt i wanna any sport or partner

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