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Real beauty comes with maturity. With a little help from our beauty expert, you can easily take on the world and come out the winner.

The older woman actually has a better idea of the colors that suit her and has probably developed good taste. Make-up certainly helps to add a dimension to the face and personality. It can also be used to cover up flaws and blemishes.

The effort should not be towards achieving a younger look, but rather one that suits your age and helps to project grace and elegance. Subtle make-up is what you should try for.

Tips you can use

  • Use moisturized and creamy make-up items.
  • Use a moisturizer before applying foundation and also cover up blemishes with a lighter color or a concealer.
  • After applying foundation, use a damp sponge on the face, lightly blending and dabbing.
  • Avoid pink tones and go for beige and more golden tones in foundation.
  • You can avoid powder if your skin is dry and apply a blusher instead. This helps to add a glow to the face and brightens it up.
  • Using a soft shade, apply it on the cheekbones, going outwards and slightly upwards.
  • Just a hint of blusher on the chin also helps.

The mirror of your soul

Heavy eye make-up is not suitable for older women, as it draw more attention to the eyes and tell-tale lines and wrinkles, if any. A soft look is more desirable.

First redefine the brows with an eyebrow pencil. Use a brown or grey powdery eye shadow on the lids.

Avoid eyeliners and use an eye pencil to line the upper lids, close to the lashes. Brown or grey eye pencils may be more suitable, instead of harsh black. It lends a softer look to the make-up.

Mascara would help to brighten the eyes. Apply two coats. When it dries, use a brush to separate the lashes and give the eyes a natural look.

Say it with lips

Use a lip pencil to outline the lips and then fill in lipstick, using a lip brush.

Avoid very dark or very light colors. Blue tones should also be avoided. Bronze, coral, copper, coffee, pinks, would go well.

Prevention is better than cure

A spot on the face often leads to heartbreaks and heartaches and is a nightmare come true for an adolescent. Our expert gives some tips to overcome this frightening situation.

Keep pimples at bay

Removal and prevention of blackheads is part of preventive care for pimples and acne.

Daily cleansing and skin care, with appropriate products, is the only way of preventing acne and other oily-skin conditions. A medicated cleanser, which is specially formulated for oily skins, should be used. This helps to reduce surface grease and restores the natural acid-alkaline balance. Use plenty of water to wash off all traces of the cleanser.

In order to deep cleanse the skin, cleansing grains mixed with a rose-based skin tonic should be rubbed gently on the skin. This helps to remove the dead cells of the outer layer and keeps the pores free of oil. Blackheads are also dislodged and discouraged from forming.

Stubborn blackheads should be removed at a skin-care clinic, by a trained therapist, using proper methods. Pinching blackheads, or trying to remove them at home, not only leads to infection, but also scarring. If there is acne, cleansing grains or scrubs should not be used.

Frequent washing with soap and water is not advocated. The face should not be washed with soap more than twice a day. Due to their alkaline nature, most soap destroys the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, leaving it predisposed to bacterial attack

A rose skin-tonic helps to keep the skin moisturized. This can be used to wipe the face after cleansing. This not only completes the cleansing procedure, but also helps to close the pores and restore the normal balances. The skin can be wiped with the rose skin tonic several times a day to reduce surface grease.

A visit to the doctor helps

Clinical treatments are part of professional care for acne, pimples and oily skin conditions. The treatment depends on how far the condition has progressed. If the infection is severe, the main emphasis is on controlling the condition and check it from spreading.

This is done by a course of clinical treatments, which involve the reduction of surface oil, the creation of a germicidal environment and the cure of the existing eruptions. Once the condition has subsided, the treatment is adjusted to tackle the problem of scars. Advice regarding daily care is provided, along with dietary suggestions. Daily care with appropriate products not only helps to control the condition, but also helps to improve skin texture.

Watch what you eat

Diet plays an important role in skin care. External cosmetic care cannot work wonders if the diet consists of the wrong foods.

Your diet should include fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices, clear soups, lassi, raw salads, sprouted cereals and dal and yogurt.

Nimbu paani, first thing in the morning, helps to flush the system. In fact, it can be taken two or three times in the day. Add a dash of honey, instead of sugar.

One should also have 5 to 8 glasses of water.

Too many sweets, chocolates, cola drinks, fried foods and snacks can have a detrimental effect.

Wrong foods and lack of fibre in the diet can lead to constipation and the build-up of toxins and wastes. This, in turn, causes skin congestion and gives rise to problems like acne.

Many beauty treatments can be carried out at home, using kitchen ingredients. But, pimples and acne need professional guidance and care. In fact, prevention, protection and correction are an important part of modern skin care.

The Remedy

The importance of daily and thorough cleansing cannot be overemphasized. Washing your face with soap and water does not remove pollutants and dirt as effectively. It is essential to use a specialized product like cleansing gel for normal to dry skins, or cleansing milk or lotion for normal to oily and combination skins.

Actual physical protection is the only answer. The use of a protective base cum moisturizer, or sunscreen lotion is important. Knowing what we are up against, in terms of the damage caused by air pollutants, natural ingredients can certainly provide the kind of protective care that we need.

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