Skin Care Tools – The Essentials

Skin Care Tools – The Essentials

Skin Care toolsYou can buy all of the make up and lotions and potions in the world, but if you do not have the right skin care tools to help apply, remove, or enhance them, then you might as well dump those products in the trash!

No matter who you are or what make up and skin care products you use, there are some skin care tools out there that are just downright essential. We will start with the most essential beauty and skin care tool out there, which is:

1) The Cotton Pad: Cotton pads win as being the most essential of the skin care tools, hands down. You can use a cotton pad for almost anything, such removing eye make up, applying toner to your face, taking off nail polish, cleaning your face, and even getting rid of mascara smudges. What’s even better is that cotton pads are extremely.

TIP: Cotton pads are general preferable to cotton balls as they offer more surface area, but some women swear by cotton balls instead. Try them both out and see which one you prefer.

2) Tweezers: What woman doesn’t use tweezers? Even if you aren’t a keen eyebrow tweezer, there are several other reasons why you will need to use a pair of tweezers. Almost all women have some unwanted facial or body hair. You can always try shaving the hair, but truth is that shaving will only cause skin irritation and the hair will be back on your face within 3 days. Tweezing will get rid of hair for a much longer period of time and will also have it grow back thinner and easier to manage.

3) Mirror: Okay, so this one is a given, but a lot of women really do underestimate the importance of having a good quality mirror! You will need a vanity hand held mirror for applying your makeup, which preferably will have a “close up” reflective side and a normal reflective side. You will also need a compact mirror (no, the mirror that comes with your powder probably doesn’t cut it). Having a quality mirror will ensure that your makeup is being applied well and properly.

TIP: An old but still often neglected tip is to always do your makeup in daylight rather than under halogen lights or regular lighting. Daylight will give you a true reflection of how your makeup will appear in all different kinds of lighting.

4) Washcloths: Fewer of us are using washcloths these days, but they are almost necessary for every woman to use. Washcloths, when used with a quality facial cleanser help exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and really clear out and open up our pores. If you have rough skin now, try using a washcloth on both your face and your body. You will notice a difference within a few short days in the texture and quality of your skin.


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