Smart ways to use lipstick

Application of lipstick is an art in itself. You can achieve different kinds of looklips with different techniques of applying lip colour. You can create a sexy pout and make thin lips look full.

To plump a punny pout

Avoid dark burgundy, red or plum lip hues-they’ll make lips look skinnier. Create the illusion of fuller lips with dark nude liner and lighter nude lipstick. Line all the way around the outside of your natural lip line. Next, apply your lipstick.

To shrink a seismic smacker

Steer close of glosses, shimmers or light lipsticks, which inflate lip size. Dark matte plum and burgundies paired with matching liners are a better bet.

Use the liner tracing all the way around the inside of your lip line. Fill in your mouth with matching lipstick.

To Even out lopsided lips

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