Sunburn Face Mask

Sunburn Face Mask

Sunburn Face MaskIf you have been outdoors enjoying the fresh air without wearing a sun factor cream, you may not have realized just how strong the sun was because there was a bit of a wind blowing. It’s an easy mistake to make : unfortunately it can be a painful mistake – resulting in sunburn.

This mask is excellent for mild sunburn on your face : it’s also excellent to use on dry, damaged or inflamed skin. Working together the egg white removes impurities while the cucumber is hydrating and cooling with anti inflammatory properties. For extra impact add the healing power of honey : about 1 teaspoon after you have mixed the egg white and cucumber together. It goes without saying; if you are at all concerned about sunburn damage please consult your doctor.


1 large egg white
2 full tablespoons of grated cucumber


Step 1. Beat the egg white until it stands in peaks

Step 2. Mix the egg white and grated cucumber together

Step 3. Spread over the entire face, neck and shoulder area

Step 4. Now is your time to relax, put some music on, watch your favorite DVD, sit back and leave the mask 20-30 minutes

Step 5. The egg white may dry firm on your face, so use warm water to rinse off.


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