summer trends and colors

A guide to summer trends and colors

Summer, associated more with free sauna baths due to temperatures above 40 degrees, has its own rules regarding how people should dress. A peek into the latest summer trends in Pakistan reveals that tradition and culture are here to stay, with a majority of designers sticking to the trend of … Read more

Islamic fashion Dubai Abaya

Islamic fashion: A modern makeover for mum’s abaya

Statuesque models clad in black robes with strategically placed slits and headscarves boasting vibrant flashes of color sashay down a Dubai runway to the theme song for a James Bond movie. For the Dubai-based designers of the Rouge Couture line on display, the Western music combined with the unusual twists … Read more

British fashion house creates the most expensive abaya

LONDON: World famous British couture designer Bruce Oldfield has in collaboration with Crosley Diamonds of London created the world’s most expensive abaya (Islamic dress). The abaya that Bruce has created is covered in 4,668 individual diamonds with a gold weight of 359.7 grams of white gold. The total carat weight … Read more