Islamic fashion Dubai Abaya

Islamic fashion: A modern makeover for mum’s abaya

Statuesque models clad in black robes with strategically placed slits and headscarves boasting vibrant flashes of color sashay down a Dubai runway to the theme song for a James Bond movie. For the Dubai-based designers of the Rouge Couture line on display, the Western music combined with the unusual twists … Read more

Islamic Fashion Festival 2010 in Jakarta

Models presents costumes made from combining traditional batik motifs, antique woven and traditional songket fabric by Indonesian designers Iva Latifa, Ghea Panggabean, Zainal and Ida Royani during the Islamic Fashion Festival in Jakarta. The designers at this fashion show wanted to break with the idea of Muslim fashion being an oxymoron and make it more of a celebration of femininity.
Organized by Rezza, the fashion show was attended by Hollywood celebrities