Customised accessories An emerging art

Customised accessories An emerging art

My biggest gripe with fashion schools, year after year, graduation ceremony after graduation ceremony, has been their lack of emphasis on accessory design. It is a well known fact that it is the elaborately-constructed accessories — headgears and general paraphernalia — that adorn the nubile fashion graduates’ collections which stand … Read more

summer trends and colors

A guide to summer trends and colors

Summer, associated more with free sauna baths due to temperatures above 40 degrees, has its own rules regarding how people should dress. A peek into the latest summer trends in Pakistan reveals that tradition and culture are here to stay, with a majority of designers sticking to the trend of … Read more

Pakistan Fabric Bags By Mahin Hussain 2

Pakistan Fabric Bags By Mahin Hussain

Pakistani model Iraj Manzoor photographed by Mariam Hussain for a fashion photo shoot for the latest Fabric Bags collection by Mahin Hussain. This photo shoot is also featured in Pakistani fashion magazine Fashion Diet. The photo shoot features a typical Pakistani Tent fabric which is wrapped around the model and bags are … Read more