Celebes favorite lipstick Shades and Looks

The shade of Lipstick the woman wears can actually either make or break the entire getup of a woman. Pakistani female celebrities are known for their style and elegance however some do make a few deadly errors. In this post we look at Pakistani female celebrities and the shades they wear and how that suits them.

When dressing it up, sometimes it is wise to tone down the lip and here we look at some examples of the nude and natural lip.

When it comes to the nude lip Iman is the queen of the nude lip because after all that is her signature looks.

Dark eyes with a nude lip always looks great, but in Fayeza’s case sometimes there should be more on the eyes if you are going to do a nude lip.

Juggan Kazim is an adorable woman and too much makeup does not suit her and that is why here with natural makeup and a little colorful lip shade she looks awesome.