A bubble changed my life forever – Zain Khan

Whether one accepts it or not, in today’s Bollywood child actors are as important as established heroes. Anyone can understand this untold truth by having a glance at the characters children are offered with nowadays. Let’s check out how Zain, the child star of upcoming film ‘Hari Puttar’, shares his … Read more

Shamita Shetty on Hari Puttar

She is sultry, she is seductive, and more than that, she is sexy siren Shilpa Shetty’s lil’ sis. But lil’ sis of late seems to have taken up a fun masti number in a peppy Mirchi Movies’ children’s film ‘Hari Puttar – A Comedy of Terrors’ starring young leaders of … Read more

Hari Puttar Vs. Harry Potter

Warner Bros studios have taken legal action against an Indian studio which plans to release a film entitled Hari Puttar – A Comedy of Terrors. The Hollywood giant has recently commenced proceeding against Mirchi Movies, of Mumbai, over the film in question; feeing its name is too similar to that … Read more