Mahnoor Baloch In Hollywood Movie

October 2, 2009 Hina Safdar 10

Mahnoor Baloch entered the world of modeling at the age of twenty. Later, she appeared in Pakistani television commercials as well. She started her acting career from PTV’s mega hit drama serial, ‘Marvi’, directed by Sultana Siddiqui. Mahnoor’s reputation for quality work stands so high, that almost every fan admires her wisdom and judgment as a performer. It strengthens her faith in her own resourcefulness.

In a way, she is a beauty of a different kind that cannot be expressed in words but only felt through her striking graceful eyes, which only seem to smile at you continually. In fact, Mahnoor Baloch is the dream girl of millions of Pakistani Television viewers. She is very talented actress and a great Director. She proved herself in field of modeling acting and direction.

Another milestone in her career is her upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Two Mothers” which is scheduled to be released in 2010. The movie is directed by Jeremiah Birnbaum and rumoredly based on 9/11 incident. Mahnoor Baloch will be seen as Maryam in the movie.

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