The Best Natural Skin Care Cream is Really Effective – But Some ‘Natural’ Ingredients Are Over-Hyped

Finding the best natural skin care cream can be difficult because of that word ‘natural’ on the label.

Many people still shop in department stores or order something that they see advertised on TV. But, in order to earn the title the best, skin creams should have been carefully researched and developed.

And manufacturers who spend thousands of dollars on television advertising, spend very little on research and development. Once they have something, they rush it to market, without adequate research and then they advertise it as the best natural skin care cream in the world.

Don’t buy into that hype. Read the label and do your research on the ingredients. Else those so-called best skin creams could do your skin more harm than good.

Many of the ingredients in the best natural skin care cream have been used historically by native peoples for their protective and healing effects. Modern day research has shown that some of the ancient remedies are better than the modern day synthetic compounds.

Here are some of the ingredients that I think you should look for. Their effectiveness is supported by clinical research and proven results.

One of the best skin creams contains “Functional Keratin” created through a patented process to closely resemble the skin’s own protein. It is extracted for the wool of New Zealand sheep, close to where my family and I live, in fact.

Now, the average anti aging creams contain collagen taken from the hoofs and waste products of slaughtered cows. Just think about that. Which do you want on your face; rendered hooves or wool extract?

In order to be the best skin care cream should not contain titanium dioxide. An evaluation of some of the “all-natural” products out there found this dioxide is a common ingredient in body and hand lotion. That’s because it is an effective sun-screen.

However, it was recently classified as possibly carcinogenic! It can still be used in so-called best natural skin care cream because titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring substance. But I don’t want anything that might cause cancer on my body, and I recommend you avoid it also.

The best skin creams contain Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin like substance that soaks up free radicals produced from exposure to the sun and just by the air that we breathe. The average brands may contain a tiny drop, because it is so expensive. But, if it’s not manufactured correctly, it will not penetrate deeply enough to be effective.

COQ10 is an antioxidant and there are other antioxidants that are also important to the skin’s health. Honey is found in the best natural skin care cream because its enzymes act like antioxidants on the skin. Plus, certain types of honey from New Zealand (this article is beginning to sound like a commercial for my country!) are naturally antibacterial. So, they protect the skin from minor infections and blemishes.

The sun is one of our skin’s enemies, but the idea of adding a sunscreen or an SPF rating to make the best skin creams has become controversial. If used properly and occasional, SPF lotions provide protection from burns and cancers that occur in the outer layers. But, they seem to increase the risk of deeper melanomas, because they provide only limited protection form UV radiation. They also inhibit the skin’s ability to tan, which protects the deepest layers from damage.

Instead of sunscreens, the best natural skin care cream also contains vitamin B-5 which helps repair tissue, acts as a moisturizer and enhances the tanning process. Protect your skin’s health naturally. That’s the best idea.

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