A Few Tricks to Improve Your Looks

Tricks to Improve Your Looks

A Few Tricks to Improve Your LooksEight Simple tricks to improve your looks. No make-up required!

Beauty does not mean only makeup and clothes, but it comes from within, spreading through every pore. In this article, we will reveal some tips that will help you feel and look beautiful (methods that do not involve makeup).

1. Always stay straight

The brain is constantly connected to the body. Therefore, every time you stand up, stand with your back straight, shoulders backwards chest out. This position also shows self-confidence, and you should take it even when you sit on a chair.

2. Don’t judge

Don’t ever use the words “good”, “bad”, “beautiful”, “ugly” when you look in the mirror. If you have a scar, you can choose to see it as a remembrance of beautiful happenings. Try to be at ease with yourself, accepting both your qualities and defects.

3. Find something to like about you

People who are not satisfied with their appearance and hate their flaws feel intimidated by themselves. Therefore, it is important to focus your eyes on the beautiful side you like. This will improve the mood and the self-esteem will grow.

4. Smile!

Smiling faces are more attractive than those without expression. A smile not only exercises the muscles around the eyes and lips, giving you a younger appearance, but it also brings serenity and happiness. The brain receives an impulse of feeling good and it is able to maintain that moment of joy on your face, making you more beautiful.

5. Breathe deeply

Rapid breathing can look as if there is tension on the face, neck and even shoulders, reducing your beauty. But when you breathe normally, inhale and exhale slowly, you manage to set your body free and to relax.

6. Learn to say “Thank you”

When you compliment a girl for the new dress she will not say “Oh, I think it suits me”, but will enjoy the compliment and say: “Thank you!” Quit whining about how you look, and thank the person who compliments you.

7. Wear colorful clothes

Besides simple clothes in shades of gray, black, beige or white, start wearing clothing pieces or accessories that bring a splash of color and beauty. Purchase colored scarves (blue, pink, green, yellow or red) and match them in your outfits, getting out of the ordinary.

8. Choose your friends wisely

Social networks have a deep effect on behavior and attitude. It’s hard to feel good in your body and beautiful if you’re surrounded by people who criticize the way they look. So, try to spend more time with people who are happy with themselves and who are self-confident.


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