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Healthy weight

Healthy BMI For Women

In a world that revolves around beauty, to make it to the top of the lot, it is almost always essential to look better than the next one in the crowd. This fact of life has strangely caused a lot of women to push boundaries to only look a wee bit … Read more

Holiday Body Scrub

Holiday Body Scrub

If your skin has been feeling a little dull and dry thanks to the change of season, try the following homemade scrub.
The scent kind of makes me feel like I’m a gingerbread woman (which isn’t bad–just makes me hungry) and my skin feels great afterwards. It also makes a nice homemade gift for the holidays.
Holiday Body Scrub
1 cup brown sugar

How to get a Good Night Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you are not alone. A recent study has found that one in every two (46 per cent) sleeps less than six hours. A busy work schedule, a hectic social life, household chores and children’s worries leave little time for sleep. Modern life builds … Read more