How to Have A Beautiful Body

How to Have A Beautiful Body

How to Have A Beautiful Body Having a beautiful body is solely based on your definition of beautiful. Some may think having a soft and curvaceous body is beautiful, whereas others may think a myriad of muscles is beautiful. Once you have figured out what type of body you consider to be beautiful, you can take the steps to get there.

Step 1

Take a good look at your diet and exercise regimen. If you constantly consume a lot of foods high in fat, salt or sugar, it could have a negative effect on your body. These types of foods can cause weight gain, acne and also affect your heart and other organs. Not eating enough food is also just as damaging. Starving your body of nutrients and vitamins can be the cause of hair loss, pale skin or cause problems with the general body functions.

Any exercise is better than none. Get up and get moving if you have not already. Regular exercise can release endorphins that give a “feel good” effect. When you feel good, you look good.

Step 2

Look at your family. Genetics can usually determine what your body could look like. If your definition of beautiful is 6 feet tall and a size 4, but your family line is no taller than 5 feet tall and a size 10, you may need to redefine your definition of beauty. On the other hand, if you are 200 pounds and living a sedentary lifestyle, however, your family exercises regularly and weighs much less than you, there is a strong possibility you could look like them if you start exercising.

Step 3

Stop taking harmful substances. Alcohol, drugs and smoking can really wreck the body and its functions. Smoking can cause premature aging, wrinkles or yellow teeth. Alcohol can cause the “beer gut” or “pooch” effect by causing fat to build around the stomach area. Any form of substance abuse can wreak havoc on your body, causing it to be anything but beautiful.

Step 4

Do your research. If you want your body to look like a bodybuilder’s because you think muscles are really beautiful, surround yourself with bodybuilders. Go to the gyms where they train, read magazines, look at pictures and talk to them. Find out what it takes for a bodybuilder to get the body to look that way. After your research, you may realize that this body type may not be right for you, or may not be possible for you to achieve. You may also realize after a thorough research of body types that you already have a beautiful body.


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