The Only Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight

The Only Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight

The Only Guaranteed Way to Lose WeightWeight loss plans are big business in the modern world . Every day another ‘diet’ of one sort or another is mentioned in the media. Any women’s magazine will likely contain one per issue. Ironically these are often featured on a cover that also carries an image of a high-calorie dessert.

Clearly those weight loss plans don’t and won’t work for everyone. Otherwise why bother to produce yet another bizarre way of eating? That is part of the problem of course. Sustained weight loss involves a change of lifestyle. No diet that requires extremes is likely to work for very long. Eventually the dieter gets bored or fed up with foods they don’t actually like. The weight will return with a vengeance. The result is known as ‘yo-yoing’. The numbers on the scale go up and down ad infinitum.

A minority of patients have definite metabolic conditions or psychological problems. No diet will help them without proper medical care or counselling. However most otherwise-healthy people gain weight in the long term simply by overeating.

What is the The Only Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight? Eat less! Sounds simple doesn’t it? It should be a no-brainer. Yet it’s more complicated than it seems. We typically don’t really know how much we eat every day. It’s not a matter of trying to hide the amount although that can be the case for some people. Mostly it’s about paying attention to what’s on our plates. We eat while talking to friends and family. We eat at our desks at work. We eat and watch television. We eat at the cinema. We eat for a lot of reasons other than satisfying hunger. None of those things are wrong in themselves. They just make it very easy to overeat without realising it.

How do we stop ourselves from eating too much? Eat mindfully. That doesn’t mean sitting on the floor, burning incense and chanting. It means being aware how much we consume every day. Some people do this by carefully counting calories. That will work of course. But it isn’t for everyone.

Most dieters do better by:

*Managing portion size. Put less on the plate in the first place. Use smaller plates to make the portions look larger. Those visual cues help more than one might think.

*Prudent snacking. Small meals eaten frequently are better than a couple of large meals. It’s not necessary or healthy to always eat until the stomach is full.

*Eating slowly and enjoying every bite. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to recognise that enough has been eaten. Wolfing down a meal leads to overeating before the brain has time to say ’stop’.

*Eating without distractions. Turn off the TV, sit at the table and pay attention to the food. Don’t eat out of boredom or when stressed. Finding something else to do prevents mindless eating.

*Limiting junk food. It contains too much sugar, fat and salt. None of those things help with permanent weight loss. The junk should be viewed as an occasional treat.

*Learning how to cook ‘real’ food. Taking pleasure in the shopping for, and preparation of, food cuts into the mindlessness. Most of the world’s best chefs aren’t overweight. Include plenty of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables in any diet plan.

*Getting support for any attempt at weight loss. Enlisting friends and family goes a long way to avoiding overeating. They will be less likely to try to ‘force’ us to take large portions or second helpings. Family and friends may even end up losing weight along with us!

None of this involves going hungry, eating foods we don’t like, spending a lot of money or jumping through hoops to lose a few pounds or kilos. Add a little exercise to the package and permanent weight loss is guaranteed.

Try The Only Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight today. You’ll be pleased with the results: more self-confidence, better health and a longer, happier life.


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