Common Hair Care Mistakes

Common Hair Care Mistakes

Common Hair Care Mistakes Changing our hairstyle at the hairdresser or hair salons is the method we nearly always resort to whenever we fancy a new and fresh look. Although sometimes we can blame it on the hairdresser if our tresses become unattractive after our appointment at the hair salon. We wrongly accuse that the hairdresser may have not done an excellent service which is why the hair resulted to such a mess. There may be some grounds with this speculations, but there are also reasons which may be unrelated to the hairdresser that have caused the hair to be damaged.

A good grooming tip suggests that the hair be shampooed on a daily basis, to wash away all dust and dirt that has accumulated on the scalp. Regular washing may keep the dirt off our hair but it may also strip away the essential oils that protects our hair from becoming dry and brittle. If daily washing cannot really be avoided, it is recommended that you use a shampoo that are pH-balanced or other shampoo alternatives such as lemon mixed with conditioner or baking soda in water.

Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we tend to take a quick shower that can result in not thoroughly rinsing any hair products off our hair. The effects of shampoos and conditioner residues that remain behind due to improper rinsing can make our hair appear dull, limp and unmanageable.

Girls with short hair cut but would like to grow their hair long again, may decide not to have their hair trimmed. However, what a regular trimming does to our hair is not just to speed up its growth as suggested by old hair myths, rather it eliminates any split ends and irregularities on our hair ends. Thus trimming actually maintains the condition and style of the hair.

Vigorously rubbing a wet hair with a towel may help dry the hair but this action also abrade the hair cuticle that leads to a frizzy and flyaway mane. Blow drying the hair until it is totally dry is also not a good practice. It makes the hair weaker due to overheating. It would be better to blow dry the hair until it is 80% dry then let it dry naturally. The blow dryer must also be at least 30 cm away from the hair. Flat irons are also damaging to the hair especially when not used properly.

Because we want to achieve a well-kept and magnificent hair, we tend to try every possible hair product available in the market. Little do we know that some products we use may not actually be fit for our individual hair types and thus will only make the hair more dreadful to our perception.

There are new hair styles available in hair salons these days and look quite good on their models. But this does not mean that if this hairstyle will suit everyone simply because it suits the model. Haircuts and hairstyles look good on different facial and head features. Therefore, if we want to sport a new look, we must first determine if a particular style will really complement us and will not make us more uncomfortable or not confident of our looks. A friends advice may help in doing this or moreover, some online resources are available on the internet that allows the user to virtually try on different hair styles.


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