Weight Loss Tips After Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips After Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips After PregnancyIf you are not happy with the weight gained during pregnancy, this piece of information will be of great use to you. It is because you can lose weight gained during pregnancy as long as you know what to do.

The first exercise is about getting down on all fours with your hands right under the shoulders. You now need to pull the abs and make sure the neck remains in line with the spine. You also need to breathe in through your nose while keeping the back straight, now breathe out while pulling the navel up and without moving the spine. You need to perform this exercise 15-20 times for a great abdominal and core workout.

The second exercise requires you to lie down flat on the back while the legs are kept straight in the air. You now need to pick the torso slightly off the ground and lift the arms while making sure they are kept straight. Now, bring the lower back slowly down and do this exercise 20-30 times.

You can even do an abdominal exercise that requires you to lie on the floor with the knees bent and the calves parallel to the floor. You now need to put the hands behind the head and inhale and then exhale. Meanwhile, you need to draw the abs in while keeping the butt relaxed while extending the right leg and rotate the right shoulder to the left knee.

We hope that these weight loss tips for pregnancy will help you in going slim after giving birth to a new life.


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