Tips for Keeping Perfume Fragrance

Tips for Keeping Perfume Fragrance

Tips for Keeping Perfume FragrancePerfume is an object that can not be overlooked to improve the appearance of day-to-day. But do not let your perfume was short-lived because of the wrong storage. Storage perfume in the car or on the dressing table was not the right choice. There are several things that can damage the content of the aroma of perfume making is reduced or color change. Here’s an example:

1. The content of perfume is very sensitive to heat. Changes in temperature or exposure to sunlight can make the concentration of fragrance in the perfume diminished.

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2. Many believe, the refrigerator is the best place to save the perfume for a stable temperature. But according to the Fragrance Foundation, a global organization engaged in the perfume industry, is actually not the right way. Perfume should not be stored in a temperature that is too hot or cold as it could disturb the balance. Moreover, the process of removing and storing perfume back into the refrigerator temperature changes cause fluctuations that can damage the content of perfume. Only cologne that matches stored in the refrigerator.

3, Save the perfume in the car or on the dressing table is exposed to light is also not a good choice. Besides the heat, one of the enemies of perfume is direct sunlight. If you want your perfume last longer, you should avoid these places.

4. Moisture can also create a shorter life perfume. In addition, for those of you who frequent hot baths, steam which heats the bath room can lead to oxidation and discoloration of the perfume. Therefore, avoid storing fragrances in bathrooms and be sure to always close the perfume bottle after use.

5. Perfume should be storage in a drawer or cabinet closed. Try to keep the room temperature is not too hot or cold. Perfume should always be stored in their original boxes especially if you will put it where the sun light exposure.

6. Perfume bottles can be transparently clear that the shorter-lived than the perfume with dark or opaque bottle. An opaque or dark glass can help to protect the contents of the perfume of light and heat exposure thus making it more durable.

7. Always try to buy a bottle of perfume that is smaller than the large. A large bottle does not last long. But if you do not keep proper way, smells of perfume would be reduced.


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