Veena Mailk matrimonial proposal on Bigg Boss 4

Looks like Pakistani actress Veena Malik has almost lost her senses. It may be the pressure of nomination which has made her crazy! Veena Malik was seen presenting a well designed matrimonial advertisement for herself on the national television in Bigg Boss house.

Veena has probably chosen ‘Bigg Boss 4’ as the best platform to find a groom for her. She was in her usual sensual form and was doing her daily work in the kitchen. While she was alone she suddenly started talking to herself and designing a matrimonial ad for herself. Veena started praising herself as usual saying that she is a beautiful, sexy and sensual girl but still a good homemaker. It was obvious that her words were to capture the attention of the Bigg Boss house cameras. Then she asks if there is anyone outside who would like to marry her. She can be a good wife and can prepare very delicious tea and other dishes.

However, will this well circulated matrimonial advertisement by Veena Malik earn her a good husband is a question that remains mystery!


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