What Type of Makeup Works for Hazel Eyes? Read more: What Type of Makeup Works for Hazel Eyes? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8634107_type-makeup-works-hazel-eyes.html#ixzz1ScOBaOAi

What Type of Makeup Works for Hazel Eyes

What Type of Makeup Works for Hazel Eyes?  Read more: What Type of Makeup Works for Hazel Eyes? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8634107_type-makeup-works-hazel-eyes.html#ixzz1ScOBaOAiHazel eyes can include a variance of blue, green and gray colors, allowing you to choose from a broad selection of eye-shadow colors. Natural tones will work beautifully with hazel eyes, but for a more dramatic or romantic look you can dip into pinks, purples, greens and teals.

Natural Colors
Golds, tans, browns and other honey colors accentuate gold and brown flecks found in hazel eyes. You can apply these colors as a liner or in addition to other complementary colors. Make sure the natural tones you choose match your skin tone as well as your eyes. If using natural eye shadow colors, try a colored eyeliner. Purple and green are recommended. You could also use brown or black. Woman’s Magazine website recommends black mascara on eyelashes.

Pinks are a good choice for a romantic or more subtle shade of eye makeup. Pink will enhance the hazel color of your eyes, while softly accenting your overall appearance. Use a brown or black eyeliner and black eye shadow to add a dramatic touch.

Hazel eyes that include blue coloring can be effectively accentuated by purple. You should use a combination of three shades of purple — lighter for day, darker colors for night. Blend the colors on lid, crease and brow. Use black eyeliner and mascara to accentuate the purple and your hazel eyes.

Dramatic Color
To make your eyes pop, review a color wheel like the one provided by Easy Makeup Guide website. Select the shade closest to your eye color and find the contrasting tone; it will be the most effective in bringing out your natural eye color. Greens and teals also accentuate the beauty of hazel eyes.

Colors to Avoid
Easy Makeup Guide recommends people with hazel eyes avoid blue eye makeup as it tends to understate them. Blue eye shadow dulls the hazel color and does not complement eyes in an attractive way.


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