Tips of using eyeliner in right way

Tips of using eyeliner in right way

Tips of using eyeliner in right wayChoose an eyeliner. You’ll want to base your decision according to the look you’re going for. For a natural look, choose a pencil closest to your eye color. If you want drama, choose a bright color or an intense black. You’ll also need to make note of what type of pencil it is. A kohl pencil is great for a smoky look, while a gel pencil will create a sharp, smooth line. A standard pencil is probably best when starting out; you can experiment once you get the basics down.

Step 2
Open your eye pencil and freshly sharpen it. Tap the top of the sharpened point to make it slightly rounded.

Step 3
Sit down in front of a floor length mirror or on a chair in front of a magnification mirror.

Step 4
There are two ways to apply lower liner: inside the eye and out. The most sanitary way is outside the eyelid, so let’s start there. Start by pulling the skin beneath your eye taut by pulling on the outer corner of your eye. Begin applying by pressing the pencil gently to your lower lashline, underneath the lashes, halfway between the inner and outer corners of your eye.

Step 5
Gently draw a thin line from the halfway point to the outer corner of your eye. Pay careful attention to your lashes and try to get the line as close to them as possible for the most natural look.

Step 6
The length of this line is appropriate for a moderate look. For a more dramatic look, extend the line to the inner corner of your eye. To do this, start at the inner corner and connect the line a

Step 7
Now the line will look a bit unnatural and have some gaps or skips to it. You can blend the line for a more natural appearance by taking the sharp, flat edge of a makeup sponge and gently blending from left to right. You don’t want to blend it into your under eye, just into itself.

Step 8
Complete the look by applying a clear (never colored!) mascara to lower lashes for impact.

Step 9
If you prefer to line the inside of you lower lids, please be warned that this may cause eye irritation or infection. Only proceed with caution.

Step 10
To line the inner eye, open eyes wide and pull the skin underneath the eyes down so the lid shows as a flat line

Step 11
Apply as noted above, beginning halfway into the lid and extending to the outer corner. Again, if you want added impact, extend the line all the way across the lid by starting the line towards the inner corner.

Step 12

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