What Your Nails Tell About Your Health

What Your Nails Tell About Your Health

What Your Nails Tell About Your HealthNails, are a good barometer that reveals your overall health. Starting from ripping, small tinge of white nails, or the unevenness of the nails could significantly reveal bigger problems of your existing health condition.

Often, pale nails are associated with aging, but they may be a sign of liver disease, malnutrition, anemia and congestive heart failure.

White nails could signal hepatitis. Totally white with darker rims could also indicate liver problem, and hepatitis as well.

The fungal infection may be the cause of yellow nails. The nails become crumble and thicken particularly when the infection worsens. Also, split, cracking and yellow colored nails could also be clear signs of fungal infection. Yellow nails, in a rare case, could signal bigger problems which include serious health condition like psoriasis, lung disease, diabetes or severe thyroid disease.

Blue nails cannot be ignored as they are a sign of diabetes or oxygen deprivation. Additionally, bluish nails might be indicative of an infection in the lungs like pneumonia

If you observe the skin around your nails appearing puffy and red, this might be a cause of other connective tissue disorder or lupus. This nail condition is also described as the inflammation of the nail fold.

You should not disregard dark lines beneath the nail as they signal the possibility of the most dangerous skin cancer called melanoma and need to be treated as soon as possible.

Pitted or rippling nail surfaces may be a precursor for inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis. About 10% of people are found with these deformities and those who later go on to develop with both conditions of psoriasis and inflammatory arthritis.

Split or cracked nails is usually a sign of thyroid disease, but splitting or cracking combined with a yellowish hue may be a clear sign of fungal infection.

Biting on nails might just be regarded as a result of old habit, but it can be a case of persistent anxiety that prompt a treatment. Nail picking as well as nail biting are always been associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you cannot stop your desire from picking or biting nails you need talk to your doctor to look for a better solution to deal with your problem.

Final remark:

Your nails may be a good parameter to show the pink of your health. Nonetheless, the changes in your nails might also be caused by under underlying health conditions. In some cases, the deformities and/or abnormalities cause no harm to one’s health. That is to say, not everybody with whitish nail will have been infected by hepatitis. If you are concerned about how your nails appear, I would suggest you to check with a qualified dermatologist.


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