Natural Mole Removal

Natural Mole Removal

Natural Mole RemovalIn the medical word the mole is called a nevus. It can be described as round or oval shaped usually brown in color and sometimes can be pink, red or black. It is an extremely common skin condition and can found on any part of the body. For some of us a mole is not bothersome, but for others it can be. If you do have a mole, why not try to get of it using a natural mole removal remedy.

Moles are merely a buildup of pigment found in the skin. And there is no biological function of the mole. But in this day and age, where so much emphasis is placed on looking good, many people opt to have there mole removed, either traditionally or naturally.

There are some over the counter medications available for mole removal. However, a natural mole removal can be just the thing for you. Here is a list of remedies to try.

Garlic contains sulfur juices, which when used on a mole will cause it to fall off painlessly and with no scarring.

Iodine is another popular choice used to get rid of a mole. Apply to the affected area and it should fall off once the mole has dried.

Another popular topical ointment to use is Aloe Vera gel. The skin will absorb the ointment and eventually the mole should disappear.

Make a paste of ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil and honey. Mix all of these ingredients into a thick paste and apply to the mole daily.

Rub raw potato slices on the skin growth and watch the mole disappear.

Take some baking soda and mix it with Castor Oil into a paste for another natural mole removal remedy.

Before trying any of these home remedies, consult your family doctor. Who knows may be one will work and you might have saved the cost of a medical procedure.


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