When Shahrukh met Gauri

Two years after Don – The Chase Begins Again, Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar have come together again and it seems like they were always together.

They went on to share an excellent camaraderie all over again and all of this happened on the sets of ‘Oye! It’s Friday’ where they got into a playful zone all over again.

So happy was everyone with the way the shoot was going that it was mutually decided by one and all to make it a two-episode show instead of a single episode. Have a look at what to expect in the first of the two episodes that would be aired this Friday.

– Farhan Akhtar had an unusual gift for Shah Rukh Khan. And guess what, it was a solar powered torch! Further surprising is the fact that King Khan always wanted to own one and was indeed happy to lay his hands on it.

There is some fun in store when Farhan jokes with Shah Rukh Khan about the way to use the torch that would make him see his fans. And while he fiddles around with the torch, something exciting happens!

– Since Shah Rukh came on the show with a sling being wrapped around his left hand, Farhan was obviously alarmed. However, even this moment was turned comical by Shah Rukh Khan as he first declared that it was a fashion accessory.

If one would have thought that the joke ended here, there was more to come as Shah Rukh Khan confessed that it was shaking hands with Salman Khan that resulted in this bad state of his! He finally revealed the ‘real’ reason, something which only continued the laughs on the show!

– Legend is that when Shah Rukh Khan met Beckham, people mobbed (no prizes for guessing) Shah Rukh. However, a joke goes that Beckham is still confused that who really is THE Shah Rukh Khan!

– For the man who once directed Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan is up for some appreciation as the actor with close to two decades experience behind him appreciates him for his bravura performance in Rock On. A heart warming moment indeed!

– There is some mutual admiration at work here with Farhan asking Shah Rukh Khan to teach him the signature pose of chartbuster track ‘Mitwa’. Well, Guru Khan explains three simple steps to achieve this ‘extraordinary feat’ – Keep some good distance between the feet, bend a leg and then raise the hands.

The music plays, Shah Rukh begins his gig only to explain later that this could be done with any kind of music, whether it is a number from Don, Sholay or even the evergreen track ‘Saathi Haath Badhaana’!

– There are some nostalgic romantic moments from the growing up years of Hrithik and Shah Rukh that are shared on the show.

While Farhan makes a mention about Hrithik seeing his wife Susanne when he was a 12 year old, Shah Rukh says that he was 18 years old when he first saw his wife Gauri. There is an interesting episode about this first meet.

Apparently, she was dancing with someone and Shah Rukh was too shy to ask her to dance. This is where he asked his friend to ask her about this. However, his hopes went crashing down as she lied that she was waiting for her boyfriend.

Guess it turned out that there was no boyfriend but her brother that she was referring to. Till date Shah Rukh Khan jokes that how he and Gauri have had a brotherly-sisterly relationship!

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