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LSAThis week, we bring you eight fantastic females who made it big enough to enter the LSA by making a mark both in the field of acting and direction …

Music, drama, theatre, plays… our entertainment industry is growing day by day. What began as one TV channel way back in the ’60s, airing everything from news to dramas, now has turned into a scenario where we have a separate channel for every genre of entertainment – be it music, drama, or simply news. Of course, it brought forth a lot of artists amongst which women carved a niche of their own. Now, they are not just confined to acting but have ventured into film making and production as well.

But, there should be a driving force that gets them going in their fields. This is where the awards come from. The most prestigious award ceremony to honour the showbiz people of our country is the ‘Lux Style Awards’ (LSA) and they are back this year with yet another bang. The organisers, Catwalk Productions, recently released its entertainment nominations which started the entire buzz about this year’s LSA. And, FashionPk! has randomly selected eight nominees.

And the award goes to…

One of Pakistan’s top fashion models, Iman Ali made her cinematic debut in Khuda Ke Liye last year, for which she gained critical acclaim too. She stars as Maryam, a British-Pakistani girl, who is in love with a non-Muslim British man while her father forcefully gets her married to her fundamentalist cousin. The LSA doesn’t have nominations for celluloid instead they give out special awards for outstanding performances of the year. Her stirring portrayal of Maryam deserved her special award for the best actress.

Hats off to Rubina!

After a long hiatus, Rubina Ashraf has donned the director’s cap by directing a serial on the theme of ‘Vani’, the first TV serial to presently explore this controversial practice and its repercussions on the urban and rural society. With just a few plays under Rubina’s directorial umbrella she managed to be among the nominees for best directors this year. Now, that’s what we call an achievement!

The one and only

After years and years of mesmerising performances, Bushra Ansari once again won hearts through her performance in ‘Vani’. Whether it’s a serious role or a comedy, no one can doubt Bushra’s skills on screen. That’s one reason why the people are still fond of veteran artists because the reality they put into characters is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Seasons gone by and still…

While we are talking about Vani… it’s imperative to mention yet another seasoned artist who bagged a nomination for best actress in the upcoming LSA. Yes, we are talking about Saba Parvez. She portrays a true woman of our society who runs an NGO working against the custom of Vani but when her own son falls in love with a victim, she abandons the poor girl. She gracefully displayed many shades of her personality and stood out as a true artist.

Not just a pretty face

Javeria Abbasi is one actress who is nearly always on screen because of her good looks and of course admirable acting. This year she has been nominated for best actress for her performance in ‘Najia’. In the serial, Javeria transitions through a phase of forced marriage when she dislikes her husband to a point when she actually falls in love with him. She is also being nominated in the best actress (terrestrial) nomination for her serial Sukhan.

From big to small screen

We all know our Lollywood actresses but never really took them in high esteem. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have acting talent there. Recently, Resham appeared in Man-o-Salwa and blazed the screens with her strong acting. The story written by Umera Ahmad made her transform from a girl-next-door to a glam diva. Let’s see if her transformation on screen wins her an award off screen too.

Bold and beautiful

Savera Nadeem is a rare combination of sobriety and glamour. From performing a role of a bold girl in Inkaar to a de-glamorised role in Sawan Savera seems to be the director’s perfect choice. This year she has been chosen for her serial Shikwah, which addresses the issues of society by displaying the power of truth, accuracy and love. Of course, Savera turned out to be one of the best performers of the serial.

Fresh and charming

It has not been long since Beenish Chohan started acting but within a short span of time she has managed to make her mark in the industry. She is among the nominees for best actress (terrestrial) for her play Pehli Boond. Her performance has gained her accolades from the masses but let’s see if she grabs an award too.

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