Younger Looking Lips

Younger Looking Lips

Younger Looking LipsAs you get older there are some lip troubles that you have to solve. Like thinning, feathering and chapping of lips.

Here are some easy tips and treatments to get younger looking lips:

As the skin around your lips wrinkles, lipstick blends into lines. For quick fix use a lip liner. Liner creates a barrier that keeps color where you want it but pick a pencil that cuts down on application goofs. Try the clear, wax based version or a natural hued stick that matches your lipstick exactly. Another no bleed trick: Lightly dust powder above lips to keep the area dry. Another way of solving the problem is by getting filler injections for lip enhancement. The treatment usually lasts 6 months.

Loss of collagen and fat will cost you plumpness. For quick fix use tinted balms. They create pout effect of gloss without looking too young. Do the lipstick trick. With a lip brush, apply foundation just beyond your mouth’s outer edges, and then cover lips and the foundation area with lipstick. For long term fix. Fillers add fullness, but avoid silicone. It can create permanent bumps. Try lip enhancement injections, which can redefine the mouth in a very natural way.

Since all skin loses moisture as you age, older lips are also drier. For instant fix, a lip specific exfoliate with round scrubbers will remove flakes fast followed with a balm. When your lips thin out, their surface wrinkles up, making them looks drier. Over time, the ingredient retinol can help soften and smooth creases. Since lip skin is thin and easily irritated, use a product made just for lips. Apply treatment product right before bedtime, but look for one that’s gooey rather than a solid, ‘dry’ wax. Petroleum-based balms don’t add moisture; humectants-rich ones do.


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