A bubble changed my life forever – Zain Khan

Zain Khan Hari Puttar
Whether one accepts it or not, in today’s Bollywood child actors are as important as established heroes. Anyone can understand this untold truth by having a glance at the characters children are offered with nowadays. Let’s check out how Zain, the child star of upcoming film ‘Hari Puttar’, shares his opinion on this issue…

Q. You are the lead in Hari Puttar. How do you react to that?
A. I think it’s a great chance that I am offered with because there are many senior actors who are still struggling for their solo appearance. It’s really the grace of god. I am very happy with that and I thank Lucky uncle, Mirchi Movies and all the people associated with the film from the core of my heart for giving me such an opportunity.

Q. Swini is sharing screen with you in this film. Have you had any fight with her on the sets?
A. Yeah, but on very trifle matters which you usually can find among children. You must have noticed kids trying to copy their seniors which usually make seniors angry with children. Here also, Swini tried copying me and I got angry with her.

Q. Have you ever told Swini that if she has Cheeni Kum then you have Chain Khuli Ki Mani Khuli?
A. (Laughing) No. We never brought films in between us.

Q. How did you manage school and shooting simultaneously?
A. I am lucky again as because the film was shot in October when our school was closed due to Diwali. But again, I had to face problem, too, because our shooting was held in Yorkshire, London, where winter was really bone chilling. It’s almost impossible to shoot in that temperature. But we managed it very well.

Q. Would you like to continue acting even when you are grown up?
A. It’s to fulfill my parents’ dream that I am acting here. I am basically a motor cycle racer. My parents wish me to be screened doing stunts on motor cycle. But I still have no chance to do it. I will be more than happy to fulfill their dreams and afterwards also I would love to do acting. I am in tenth now and I thought of taking a pause in acting for this year but then I decided to go on with that as long as I can.

Q. How long will the pause be?
A. I am not taking any pause now. But again, it’s very tough to say anything at this stage. My education cannot be affected. If results remain the same as they are till now, I won’t have to take pause in acting.

Q. How are you in your studies?
A. I am an average student. All including my parents and teachers are quite happy with me because besides acting I do take equal care of my studies, too.

Q. Do you enjoy any different kind of treatment from teachers and friends at school?
A. It was at the beginning that they treated me in some special way and I enjoyed them, too. But afterwards I started feeling very awkward with that kind of treatments. Then I asked them not to treat me in different way because I am also one of them.

Q. Tell us about your other films.
A. There are two films beside Hari Puttar. One is Neeraj Bohra’s Dil Sachcha Chehra Jhootha and the second one is an unnamed film by Kane Ghosh. The second one is a UTV film which also features Shahid Kapoor. He is acting as my dance teacher. I am very happy with my character in this film.

Q. You have appeared in many ad films, too. How did you manage films after that?
A. I have appeared in 140 ads of the well known brands like Lux Underwear, Boost, Pepsodent, L G TV and Maaza. We have no one in Bollywood from our family and thus I had no idea about what to do here. After a little enquiry we came to know that first of all I have to have a portfolio. So, there I had the portfolio which was then sent to different ad agencies. After that I got a call for an ad of Big Bubble. At the audition I had to make a huge bubble which my parents didn’t allow me to do at home. And that bubble changed my life forever.

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