Aamir and I share an extremely cordial relationship: SRK

Mumbai (IANS): The cold war between the two reigning Bollywood Khans, Shahrukh and Aamir seems set for a thaw with Shah Rukh appealing to everyone to watch Aamir’s film “Ghajini” that releases Dec 25.

A day after proclaiming himself the biggest brand in the country, Shahrukh, in an apparent change of heart, said at a press conference: “I appeal to all to watch ‘Ghajini’.”

He was speaking late Thursday at a press conference to introduce to the media the lead actress of his latest release “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”, Anoushka Sharma.

Shah Rukh said: “I want all the people to watch ‘Ghajini’. We as people from the industry know how much pain it takes to make a film. We wait anxiously every Friday to see the result of our hard work that we put in to make a film.”

“So my best wishes are with every film be it ‘Ghajini’ or ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ or any other movie. I want every film to do well,” he added.

Shahrukh said: “During the time when we talk of unity and wish to stay united, we should pray good for everyone.”

Rubbishing reports of his rivalry with Aamir, Shahrukh said, “We share an extremely cordial relationship.”

Citing an example, he said when they met at a party recently they were discussing doing a film showing their six-pack abs.

“I was scared as I lost my six packs and wanted Aamir to say no. Luckily, he said he has lost his packs too, so let’s give a chance to some other actor,” Shahrukh quipped.

About Aamir, he said, “I think he has changed himself well over the recent period of time. Previously, he did not like to interact much with the public and the media, but now he interacts well and has also developed a sense of humour.”

On the inclusion of “Rab Ne..”‘s script in the Oscar library, he said, “It feels good as now Indian film scripts are getting recognition in the West.”

He said Indian films suffer from lack of good screenplay writing. “The main reason is that we do not have good schools to teach it,” he said.

“Screenplay is a science, which needs to be taught where one needs to say many things in least possible words,” he explained.

Shahrukh pointed out the need to change the style of writing screenplays in order to get recognition in the international market.

“Our stories are too lengthy, full of songs and dances which makes it unacceptable for the international audience. So if we change the style and be more compact in story telling our work will be more accepted internationally,” he added.

Shahrukh also lauded the media for their efforts of covering news and being the bridge between stars and the audience.

He said “Initially, I used to be quite embarrassed by the questions being asked by the media as a few were very personal. But later, I realised those questions were not to embarrass me but they really wanted to clarify certain things, which was in good taste.”

“Media guys are true to their work as I am to acting,” he remarked.

On Wednesday, he said “Rab Ne Bana De Jodi” is doing well and there is no threat to his film from “Ghajini”.

“There cannot be any competition with me. I’m the biggest brand in the country. I am always there to endorse for everyone, but the saddest part is that no one is there to endorse for me as there is no brand bigger than me,” Shahrukh said at the launch function of Filmfare magazine’s latest issue.

Reacting to Shahrukh’s statement, Aamir said: “He has been speaking about himself for last 20 years so there is nothing new about it.”

Aamir is aggressively campaigning for “Ghajini”, which will release Dec 25, and the ushers of the multiplexes, where Shahrukh’s film is running, have adopted Aamir’s Ghajini-hair style to promote the action-thriller.

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