Beauty Lovely lipsticks

Lovely lipsticks

Beauty Lovely lipsticksEvery woman who wears make-up knows the importance of lipstick when it comes to topping off a certain look. For a night out on the town wear a dramatic red or eye-catching orange. When going for brunch with your mother-in-law, it’s probably best to stick to pretty pink tones.

Here’s our guide to the four basic blocks of lipshades:


Last year’s trend of nude lipsticks has continued into 2011, with a number of celebs wearing nude to offset the bold autumn colours. The key for choosing the perfect nude shade is picking a pale pink or light tan colour that comes closest to your own lip colour. Enhance this shade with a shimmery gloss and you’re good to go.


Corals, pink-tinged versions of everything from mango to papaya, works best for women whose skin tone falls between warm and cool. One of the most popular trends this season, these shades are a lot more wearable than you would expect and can add buoyancy to any outfit. Wear punchy orange with a white outfit to add a little oomph or a vibrant pink to offset a black tee-shirt.


Bold colours draw attention to your lips and nothing is bolder than red. Worn by some of Hollywood’s most renowned starlets, this is a shade that is always in and can take you from zero to hero in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind to never wear red lipstick with a brightly coloured top and always compliment this shade with neutral tones like white, black, greys and tans.

Dark tones

Dark lipstick is the new trend — but is it wearable? While many of us aren’t comfortable with wearing the black shades that celebs like Megan Fox and Christina Ricci have been spotted in, there are a number of fabulous shades which can be worn even if you’re not dressing up for a fancy dress. Check out the plummy and dark cherry tones available at Victoria Secret and Bobbi Brown to find one that works for you.


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