Banana Leaf Could Treat Serious Burns

Banana Leaf Could Treat Serious Burns

Banana Leaf Could Treat Serious BurnsThe burn may not enter into the third highest cause of death in Indonesia and the world. However, extensive burns are often fatal.Many people with the victims of fire or electric shock was dying when they arrived at the hospital.

The main thing to do in dealing with extensive burns is the correction of body fluids and prevention of infection. A person who suffered extensive burns, tends to run to and fro to seek help. This will cause the body exposed to the wind and the greater the evaporation of body fluids, this situation will end up with dehydration. Therefore, if there are relatives, friends, or family who suffered extensive burns due to fire such a good idea to suggest to stay in place (stop), drop (drop), and roll (roll) so that the fire extinguished.

When bringing the people affected by burns, do not let them in the open state. We can use a wet blanket to blanket, or according to dr.Moerbono M, Sp.KK can use banana leaves are cleaned first.According Madhori Akolekar A.Gore and Deepika in his journal, entitled “Evaluation off Banana Leaf Dressing for partical Thickness Burn Wounds” banana leaf has many advantages in its use on burns.

Banana leaves can reduce the evaporation of the liquid because there is a layer of wax. This leaves a cold sensation on the skin, not attached to the wound, and has a surface area so as to cover all parts of the body. In the study conducted by Evi Rohmatun entitled “Effect physical properties and Young Banana Leaf Extract Ointment (Musa Paradisiaca, Linn) Against Burn Wound Healing in Rabbit Skin Backs’ young banana leaf extract helps the healing of burns with significant results.

Therefore if the victim finds such as a fire burns. Suruhlan the victim to stop (stop), drop (drop), and roll (roll). Furthermore blanket body with banana leaf that has been cleaned with alcohol and NaCl or larikanlah immediately to the nearest hospital to get correction fluid and prevention of infection.


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