Bridal Make up Variations

bridal make upThis post is for all brides to be especially Stars N Rockets! I hope I have given you a wide range of looks for you to experiment with.


The natural look is being opted for by a lot of brides these days, where minimal is the key. “Use fresh flowers and natural elements in the hair, along with natural tones for blushing pink cheeks and lips. The colors for this trend would be pink, peach, lemon, light orange/apricot, and caramel,” advises ace make-up artist Clint Fernandes. Consult with your make up artist before deciding on a color palette though – it all depends on your complexion, after all!
Retro Power:

“Vintage style is still big, be it the ’60s or the ’20s look. Hints of retro eyeliner, or lips and hair used as single elements in a style, look great. Adding modern elegance with a vintage feel,” enlightens Clint. This could include anything from the curling liner look to an elaborate up-do. You could also ask your make-up artist to use kohl and give you smoldering smoky eyes in keeping with this look as well.

“Gold is very big this season… use it on the eyes, dust it on the body and use gold ornamentation in the hair. Glitter too, is very big this season. Hints of glitter on the eyes along with frosted lips look great.”

desi-bridal-beauty-6Bright is Right:

Let me tell you that bright colors are really in, too. Indian women have recently started experimenting with their look. The use of pure glazed color like electric violet, fresh green, or aquamarine on the eyes and the emergence of orange tones in lipsticks just goes to prove my point and looks fabulous too! However, the colors chosen should depend on your clothing, jewelery and complexion – otherwise you might just end up looking like a cosmetic factory explosion!

And lastly, some pointers from celebrity make up artist Doris Godambe…

  • For a perfect eye shape, use a small brush to blend a medium tone color from just below the brow arch downwards in a semi-circle motion.
  • Choose lip liner that blends easily with lipstick for that soft glossy look that looks good in photographs too.
  • Use a powder foundation on the neck as well so that you don’t appear to have a painted look.
  • Thin and small lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips can use deep shades.

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