Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face ShapeOval Face

If you have an oval face you are in luck because you can pretty much pull of any hairstyle with a bang! Anything, from a piecey chop to a pixie bob to eye-skimming bangs looks flattering on an oval face. Whether you dig for heavy, sporty side-swept or romantic barely-there wispy bangs, you can almost fringe your hair the way you want without having to worry about a hair “faux-pas”. However, while snipping your hair, don’t forget to consider the texture, type, length and condition of your mane.

Round Face

If you have a round face then adding deep, side-swept bangs would create an arc and would make your face look slimmer. One of the smartest tricks to contour a round face and make the cheeks look more chiseled is to skillfully add some soft layers or face-framing feathered bangs. If you have plump cheeks, then stay away from chunky layers, as they tend to add more bulk to your appearance. Angled bangs, squared-off bangs and even choppy bangs look great on a round face and offsets the fullness of a round face.

Long Face

If you have a long, narrow face, then getting brow-hugging bangs that edges your forehead should lift off the length from your face and make your face look evenly proportioned. Long or graduated layers that fall on the sides of your face and drape your forehead not only looks stylish and draws focus off your forehead, but also amplifies your style and makes you look totally trendy.

Square Face

If you have a strong jaw line, a wide forehead and thick cheekbones just like Madonna, then getting side-swept bags and even angled bangs would make your contours appear slimmer. Bangs that taper inwards towards the jaw not only softens the lines, but also makes the face look feminine. The trick is to lift the focus off your forehead and cover-up your squareness with some soft textured bangs.

Heart Shaped Face

Whether you have a sharp jaw line or a stick-out chin, adding side swept feathered or full bangs can balance your features and add oomph to your style. A classic blunt bang or an angled bang would camouflage the fullness of your forehead as well as soften your chin. Nevertheless, if you are game for something adventurous, then getting short, chipped bangs or super-short bangs should even out the narrow chin.

Don’t get stuck with the same boring hairstyle? Shake up the rut and pump up some style in your boring mane by adding some bangs to your hair. These following cues on bangs for different face shapes should leave you with just enough cues on how to crop your mane for the next season.


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