Womens Skin

Looking after your skin is crucial to looking good, all of your life.

Firstly we will go inside to look at what you eat, a balanced diet everyday is very important. Starting with breakfast, it does not have to be a slap up meal, toast or cereals, with tea or coffee, for lunch or dinner if you have one good cooked meal a day including a dessert of your choice is enough, as long as your meal has a vegetable, whether fresh tinned or frozen, it is good for your body. A dessert can be a sweet pudding or fresh fruit. Drinking water is good for the complexion and will show.

Do not smoke, it ruins your skin and you will age ten years more, than what you really are. Tea is good, caffeine drink only two to three cups a day, it does affect the skin.

Cleanse your skin morning and night with your chosen cleanser which you find best, it can be soap and water or a cleanser from one of the many out of bottles which are available. Getting rid of the dirt is one of the best things for your skin. A light moisturizer for dry skin, if skin is oily then leave after washing, an oily skin benefits from steaming, to open pores and clean out blackheads. Dry skin put plenty of moisturizer on, and sleep is good for the skin, resting helps skin to recover.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin and helps to age you. Drink alcohol moderately or not at all, not only does your skin benefit but you will have more energy, especially if you are over fifty. Following some simple guidelines will help keep skin in tip top condition.


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