Cucumber, Milk and Egg Face Mask

facial maskCreate a nutrient-rich homemade face mask for your skin using cucumber, milk, and egg white ….
Cucumbers are well-known for their natural anti-aging vitamins A & C, and their minerals – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. With this power house vitamin-rich vegetable, how can you improve on it? Add milk!


Cut two slices of cucumber and set them aside. Later, you will rest these on your closed eyes.

Mix the following together into a spreadable light paste.
One-half of a cucumber with skin (use a blender to puree)
1 egg white from a pasteurized egg
Dry milk (enough to make a paste)

“Pasteurization is a process of heating a food, usually liquid, to a specific temperature for a definite length of time, and then cooling it immediately. This process slows microbial growth in food.”


To a clean face, apply this mixture to the areas of the face, neck, and chest.
Lay slices of cucumbers over your closed eyes (the ones you set aside earlier).
Allow face mask to nourish the skin and dry (about 20 minutes).
Rinse well.
Pat face dry.

Apply your favorite moisturizer.
Do not store this mixture. Always make a fresh batch.
When applying any face mask, avoid the eye and mouth areas.


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