Detoxify your underarms

detoxify-under-armsI was in a spa Saturday on my birthday  and I noticed they had aerosol Secret deodorant/antiperspirant sprays next to disposable razors. It made me cringe!! Many of us women tend to shave our armpits in our morning shower, only to put on deodorant/antiperspirant moments later. When you shave, you can be sure our skin pores open in the armpit area, and when we apply those products, chemicals go right into our bodies. The chemical I am mostly concerned with is aluminum. None of us should be using any underarm products containing aluminum! When we put it on, the aluminum has a direct portal into our lymph gland, and the breast. Look at the products out there- most all of them contain aluminum as an active ingredient!

Aluminum has been linked to many health complications, and some even believe that it is a contributing factor in today’s tremendous rise in breast cancer (high levels of chlorine and daily use of underwire bras may be other factors).  It is toxic, and is found in abundance in the brain tissue of Alzheimer patients.

We do have to be very careful of the personal products we use, and this is one that I believe can be the most harmful. Here’s what we can do:

1.    Shave your armpits at night, when you are not going to be putting on any deodorant on afterwards.

2.    Be sure to use deodorant that does not contain any aluminum.
There are many natural brands available, including Tom’s of Maine, which is available at even Trader Joe’s. I really like that brand, and I find it works really well. The other one that works well is the Jason brand.

3.    Stop using antiperspirants immediately.
Sometimes as a society, we use products because they are used in a mass, mainstream way, and we never stop to question their validity…or their purpose. Such is the case with antiperspirants. Why do we want to STOP our body from perspiring?? Our skin is our largest organ, and it detoxifies waste daily. If we STOP the sweat glands from working, we are holding the toxins in, not allowing them to flow out of the body. We do not want to hinder detoxification like this, and especially not on a daily basis. And on top of that we push chemicals in! Double uggh.

If you are concerned about this, remember that you can still use a deodorant, so you won’t stink! :)

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