How to Whiten Dark Underarms

How to Whiten Dark Underarms

How to Whiten Dark UnderarmsDo you find yourself scrubbing your underarms a little bit harder than usual until they are sore, hoping to rub unwanted color of your skin? Have you been stowing away your sleeveless shirts and spaghetti straps because you feel self-conscious about what other might see and think?

Don’t fret. You are not alone. There are plenty of men and women, alike, out there who are experiencing the same concern you have right now. Don’t worry. There are possible solutions to help ease up your situation.

Identify the cause of your underarm darkening

No matter how good you are at giving out solutions and addressing your dark underarm issue, the best solution is still preventing it from happening again. This wouldn’t be possible if you do not know the root cause of your dark underarms.

Shaving. Shaving can darken your underarms. If you want to whiten or bring back the natural color of your underarms, STOP shaving.

The friction caused by the razor to your skin results to aberrations to your skin which eventually leads to the darkening of your underarms. Also, shaving only removes the visible part of the hair leaving the rest and the hair root intact. This causes the hair to grow back thicker, blacker and darker. Whether you’ve shaved your armpits or not, the thick dark hair is visible through our skin. This make our underarms appear darker.

Sweating. It seems that sweat that is not totally dried out gets stuck on the folds of our armpits and is therefore not removed or cleaned. It then produces uric acid that irritates our armpit skin resulting to dark underarms.

Clothing. Tight shirts and blouses also trigger the production of sweat as your armpit skin cannot breathe. It also prevents sweat from drying out completely. Tight clothing also causes friction that help darken your underarms. Also, synthetic fibers and polyester clothing may add to the darkening of your underarms.

Poor Quality Deodorant. Poor quality deodorant may have chemicals not suited for your type of skin. Strong chemicals, or the lack thereof, may irritate your skin and hasten its darkening. Anti-perspirant is not recommended as it does not totally eliminate sweat production.


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