How To Cure That Itchy Scalp

How To Cure That Itchy Scalp

How To Cure That Itchy ScalpIs there anything more of a nuisance in this life than having an itch that no amount of scratching can cure? It can be particularly embarrassing if you’re stuck with in itch on what may be considered to be a rather embarrassing part of the body. One of those places is the scalp.

Think about it: what do you think of the person who is incessantly scratching away at their scalp? We have images of them being filthy, unclean, or perhaps have a case of head lice. Either way, it most likely isn’t a very positive impression. Here are some of the main reasons why you may suffer from an itchy scalp, and how to cure it.

You have a Dry Scalp

This is a problem for anyone whose scalp just can’t seem to produce enough oils. Much like the skin every where else on our body, if our scalp isn’t sufficiently hydrated then it becomes dry and itchy, and often flakes will develop as a result. The best way to try and cure this problem is to choose a hydrating shampoo. The most effective ones contain oils such as emu oil. In severe situations, definitely make time to pay a visit to your doctor or a dermatologist.
You have an Oily Scalp

This is the opposite of having a dry scalp. The oils from your scalp, also referred to as sebum, are over produced and build up on top of your scalp at an accelerated rate. This causes the scalp to itch as the oils capture the dead skin cells and other dirt to stick close to your scalp and harden. The best way to cure this is to shampoo your hair regularly, or if you have an oil build up by midday, invest in a quality dry shampoo to help absorb the oils from your scalp.

You have Scalp Fungus

In these causes, you will notice that the flakes that are coming off your hair tend to have a more yellowish tinge, and they are also rather thick compared to dandruff flakes. The scalp may even become inflamed and oily in patches. The best way to take care of a scalp that is affected by fungus is to pay a visit to your doctor so that you may receive over the counter treatment for your scalp.
You are Stressed

Believe it or not, but having an excess of stress in your life can cause your scalp to itch and itch. This is because a large amount of stress in one’s life can actually cause the hormone levels in your body to change. As a result, you end up with a drier scalp. The best way to treat this is to choose to use a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo, and to teach yourself relaxation techniques and exercises more.


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